Deep-Purple Greens

I Spy with my little eye something that casts light and shadows like magenta sun-rays. . . .

I wish I had taken a picture of the purple cauliflower.

Some images are as indelible in my mind as they would be had they been photographed and printed for me to look at daily, but I have to rely on words to describe them and  cannot otherwise convey those images to anyone else.

Sometimes the wonder of an image comes in its defiance of expectations, as it did with the  deep-purple cauliflower served every night during our last family trip with Jim.

I had never seen or even imagined greens (in their incarnation as a vegetable side dish)–or nearly anything else in nature–of such a pure, deep violet hue.   Purple cauliflower on the equator: that alone might have been enough of a wonder for me.

I Spy something that reminds me of Sideshow Bob. . . .

Sometimes an image’s impact lies in an unusual vantage point, or its seeming variability from viewing to viewing: one may not be able to tell where it was taken, or even what it is; it may look like one thing at a glance but look like something else entirely when viewed a second or subsequent time.

I spy something high in the sky in a city where beautiful and terrible things happened….

And sometimes an image is a bit of a puzzle.

I spy a place near The Sea. . . .
I Spy. . . a self-portrait

Feel free to leave guesses on exactly what or where I spied in the photographs above in the comments section.  Extra bonus points for anyone who can identify the site of the self-portrait.  (And I know who will not rest until identifying all of them.)





(c) 2012 Stephanie M. Glennon

Author: Stephanie

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5 thoughts on “Deep-Purple Greens”

  1. I believe that I have taken that very same self-portrait (well, actually it cannot be “the very same” just as I cannot write your autobiography, but you know what I mean) at a location from which I have picked you up several times.

  2. Spoiler alert: more clues here…….

    (1) Found inside the home
    (2) Prescott Park
    (3) Really? So close to you–my favorite bridge, taken during customary stopped traffic
    (4) Orlando
    (5) The Dans and I go there quite a bit to pick up peripatetic children

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