Murder in a Small Town

It was a year ago today when our small town’s police chief was killed in the line of duty and other officers were shot doing their job, trying to execute a search warrant at a home up the street.  I am reblogging the next day’s post.

Love in the Spaces

When I dropped my daughter off at school yesterday morning, police and campus security were cordoning off huge sections of Exeter in anticipation of a Town Hall visit by the Vice-President.   It was a rote and reasonable plan for the dangers inherent in any such high-profile political appearance.

But one can only truly plan for the imaginable.

Looking out the window last night I saw not the small town I’ve come to know, for better and worse, but sights I’d never seen in twenty-five years as a prosecutor.  Nor had I seen anything remotely like this when my husband and I lived for years in a Boston neighborhood possessing an (undeservedly) bad reputation for crime.

The sounds came first: screaming sirens, a police car careening around the corner while others cars and ambulances rushed in the other direction.  The dogs began to yelp and bay.

I assumed the imaginable:…

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