One Shot, Two Ways


August 9, 2013

Today’s photo challenge comes by way of talented landscape photographer Jeff Sinon: one shot, two ways.

Today also is the day Jim and I first became parents, of a beautiful son with intense dark eyes.

I took two sets of photographs two ways, and it was not until I uploaded the images that I realized a father and child some distance away–too far for my slightly deteriorating eyesight to have discerned at that range–had made their way into both horizontal vistas.

Happy Birthday, Sam.  I think far too much about the worst days of our lives.  Your arrival was one of the best.



Author: Stephanie

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19 thoughts on “One Shot, Two Ways”

  1. Happy Birthday Sam — we wish you all happiness — you are a wonderful young man! Happy future and much love,

    1. In this case I was armed only with my wee camera to take some pictures, and didn’t really do much but point in the direction of the sky and sea, but tried both in response to the challenge. Generally I need to work a lot more self-consciously to try to compose a vertical shot. My stockpiles are overwhelmed with horizontal ones.

  2. Love the sea, and these have captured what I love most about it: the gray, the solitude (except for those who also love the gray and the solitude), the fragrance and whispers of the sea that I can detect in every reminder of them. Thanks.

    1. Thank you–I wish I had my “real” camera, which has accompanied a daughter to India. There was such an ethereal layering going on in the atmosphere that night.

  3. The photographs are emotional and intensely beautiful to look at. Love your discovery 😉 Just before I read this I clicked send on an email to my sister. The email was about first born children and how miraculous and special our bond is with them. Of course, we love all of our children more than words can describe. It’s that first time thing that is so unique. So, Happy Birthday to Sam! and here’s to the Good Memories! Love, Carrie PS: I was checkin’ out my pink sparkling coat the other day and thinking, “it’s going to be autumn soon – cool weather, I can wear this~~~~”

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