The Angularity is Near


My children tend to keep their distance when I’m angling in for photographs.

I’m the one flinging my Laura Ashley floral-dressed self onto a dirty cement sidewalk, my neck and arm wildly tilted so that a shot up through a flowerbed will make dancing tulips appear to dwarf a colonial church in the background.

In less-than-waterproof boots, I wade into frigid Atlantic water to get a better view of steep isosceles cloud formations.

Teeth chattering, I dart up on teetering rusted metal bars to record the glorious scalene buffet embedded in Old Ironsides’ masts and rigging.

More than one of my offspring will pull at my arm with a drawn-out “Mom” as I dawdle in the middle of a city street, pointing my camera up to catch a tower against a blue sky sporting an interesting cloud or bisected by an airplane’s white stream.

One angle is never enough.

Author: Stephanie

In her spare time, Stephanie works full-time, and then some, as an attorney. She has published articles and delivered talks in arcane fields like forensic evidentiary issues, jury instructions, and expert scientific witness preparation. She attended law school near the the banks of the Charles River and loves that dirty water; she will always think of Boston as her home. You are welcome to take a look at her Facebook author page, or follow @SMartinGlennon on Twitter and @schnitzelpond on Instagram. Bonus points for anyone who understands the Instagram handle. All content on this blog, unless otherwise attributed, is (c) 2012-2023 by Stephanie M. Glennon and should not be reproduced (in any form other than re-blogging in accordance with the wee Wordpress buttons at the bottom of each post) without the express permission of the domain holder.

27 thoughts on “The Angularity is Near”

    1. Thanks . . . .I can’t tell yopu how many times they’ve extricated me from dangerous situations. We seem to have developed a bit of a role-reversal situation since I began wandering around with camera in hand all the time.

  1. Thanks for sharing some of the angles that have taken place to create these images. Lol! Except for the dress (you’ll probably usually find me in jeans) that sounds like my kind of photography. So enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Thanks! In mud season I really need to watch the wardrobe, but I have an unfortunate knack of thinking I’ve found just the right shot on my way to and from work (where I have to dress up like a grown-up . . . the price I pay), or when out and about with kids on a Sunday morning.

  2. What a useful post for me! It made me realize that at 80, the knees and balance won’t allow the kind of gymnastics that turn out wonderful photos like yours! It isn’t my eye that’s lacking —
    The spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh sure does weaken.

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