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Layered Gold

  It is only in the high 90s. The 11th Century fort on the hill to our left glows bright copper in afternoon’s high sun. The desert city is layered gold. Mottled cream and caramel cows and goats neither yield … Continue reading

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Vicarious Adventure

She has seen white nights in Russia, and a Queen of the Night near the equator. In one photograph she is at the bottom of the sea; a neon-striped bright blue and yellow fish obscures her torso. In another recent … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond the Door

  Within the ever-enduring half-life of grief–the Carbon 14, if you will, of dubious metaphorical chemistry–I remain in the stage in which the word “beyond” immediately prompts thoughts of “beyond the door,” “beyond the veil,” the unimaginable “great beyond” that … Continue reading

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Trying to Trick Time in Kyoto (Part 1: The Bird-Whisperer )

I tried, fairly consciously, to trick time. It was a fool’s errand, but nonetheless led to a great adventure. On the anniversary of the hour of Jim’s death at home, it was already the next day in Japan, where I … Continue reading

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