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Rounded with a Sleep

  A bridge half-swallowed by fog seems the stuff of disturbed dreams.   But it seems equally otherworldly to happen in a city upon fields of grapefruit-sized lavender flowers, or fairy dwellings–or to see Suessian scarlet roping spilling from around a … Continue reading

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When September Ends

Last night I dreamed that our family–including Jim and the four children who suddenly are all away at schools in four states–was at some kind of combination kids’ store and restaurant. In my dream, I left to get the car … Continue reading

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(Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique) On Nesting and Nightmares

The shot is one-of-a-kind. These are the steps my husband Jim took in order to get it: 1.  He took us–me and our sons and daughters–to the other side of the world. 2.  The World’s Most Interesting Man guided us … Continue reading

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The Extraordinary Ordinary

Certain dreams seem universally to plague my friends—dreams of falling, of having to return to high school (the horror!), of having to take a college exam in a class to which one has neglected to show up all semester. I … Continue reading

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