(Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details) Devil in the Details


Both God and the devil are said to be in the details.

Like paying back and paying it forward, it can be a matter of perspective.

According to Gustave Flaubert, “Le bon Dieu est dans le detail.”  (On the other hand, Flaubert also reportedly observed that “God is only a word dreamed up to explain the world.”)

This week has been mired in details of both varieties–the sublime and the ridiculous.  I have helped collect the maniacal mathematical minutiae demanded of financial aid applicants, searching through piles of receipts to provide such a deranged level of detail that financial aid officers on both coasts will know every nuance of our finances–from the aggregate contents of my youngest child’s piggy bank to the make and model of my mom van.

But I also have noticed lovely details I don’t think I used to notice.  I like to think I am noticing the things my husband Jim would have–the shapes and colors which would have made him grab his camera.

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