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A Surprising Sea of Synesthesia

Old Uzbek had words for dozens of varieties of crying–including my personal favorite, a word for crying while making the sound hay, hay. I think English needs more words for “surprise”–perhaps for the variety of surprise that freezes one in … Continue reading

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Three Seasons in Hell

In upcoming weeks I will be speaking at several different hospitals about my husband’s and our family’s wildly varying experiences with hospitals and treating physicians during the course of his terminal illness. I have been told no one remembers hearing … Continue reading

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A Certain Verticality

My husband as a CME?  It was Suessical-ly strange to see. Jim appreciated impromptu poetry of dubious quality, and endlessly humored me; I promise he would have approved such an introduction, though the occasion was solemn. And he would greatly have appreciated today’s actual … Continue reading

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