What are the Odds?


Please give me a little leeway and try to get past the next paragraph.  I apologize, profoundly, in advance.

Before dawn, one of my beautiful rescue dogs relieved himself in the snow and made a perfect outline of a swan–the feathered back, the delicately curved beak, the bend of a graceful neck.  (I’ll spare you a photograph; some things, as my aunt once wrote, are best left to the haze of imagination.)

And it actually occurred to me to ask one of my children for a statistical assessment of the odds: what is the actual numerical probability that such a discharge would hit all those points on a plane coincidentally?  Because the only other option seems to be that my otherwise slightly special beagle is supremely artistically talented.  (Perhaps, like I, he is an idiot savant?) Continue reading “What are the Odds?”

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