Weekly Photo Challenge: Fortuitous Foreshadowing

Leading the Way, August 3, 2013. My shot of the “bubble girl” at the beginning of the ceremony is blurry, though I think the softness of the resulting image is fitting: she double and triple-stepped down the aisle, a sunny harbinger for the bride and groom.

Foreshadowing predicts an ending.  It also can presage a beginning, and one heck of a journey.

Putting the “shadow” in “foreshadowing” seems to lend its prescient powers to the darker side.

“Shade”–despite its negative “shady” variations–conjures a respite from an overly sunny day (a particular boon to someone who, like I, still burns bright red notwithstanding liberal application of 3-digit SPF sunscreen).


When I hear the word “shadow,” however, I tend to think much darker thoughts. Involuntarily, it calls to mind the dark side of human nature: my mother implanted in my subconscious the phrase: “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  The Shadow knows.” Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fortuitous Foreshadowing”

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