(Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss) Wordless Whispers


Can you capture a kiss, in a photograph or in words?

Oh, sure, a wedding kiss is among those which can be preserved on film.  The wordless whisper of a kiss can be memorialized on canvas.    Auguste Rodin carved an indelible ode to the romantic kiss.  But the sensation and mood and memory of a kiss may be as difficult to convey as is pain.

Our beagles begin every morning by stretching out to improbable lengths, their front paws flattened to the earth and their white-tipped tails wagging furiously from upright  haunches.  Their next task is to rush to open air and lift their quivering noses to take in whatever is upwind.

They pause and narrow their eyes, lifting their heads as if they are kissing the air. Continue reading “(Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss) Wordless Whispers”

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