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In her spare time, Stephanie works full-time, and then some, as an attorney. She has published articles and delivered talks in arcane fields like forensic evidentiary issues, jury instructions, and expert scientific witness preparation. She also is an adjunct professor at a law school on the banks of the Charles and loves that dirty water, as she will always think of Boston as her home. You are welcome to take a look at her Facebook author page, or follow @SMartinGlennon on Twitter. All content on this blog, unless otherwise attributed, is (c) 2012-2018 by Stephanie M. Glennon and should not be reproduced (in any form other than re-blogging in accordance with Wordpress protocol and the numerous other wee buttons at the bottom of each post) without the express permission of the domain holder.

Out and Away

All it’ll take is just one moment and You can say goodbye to how we had it planned Fear like a habit, run like a rabbit, out and away Through the screen door to the unknown…. Left like a pharaoh … Continue reading

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Cover Me

  Every once in a while I experience a fresh burst of heartache when I listen to a song that Jim can’t hear. Before there was Pandora (in her modern incarnation), I had someone who took my tastes in music … Continue reading

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In Spite of Spirit, In Spirit of Spite

In Newbury, Massachusetts, a lone house stands only a few bubbles short of round on the giving surface of acres of marshland. In daylight’s glare the exterior is a Pepto pink not found in nature.  Decades of gusting winds with … Continue reading

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Ringed Round by Green

“If I could strip a sunflower bare to its bare soul, I would rebuild it: Green inside of green, ringed round by green. There’d be nothing but new flowers anymore. Absolute Christmas.” Donald Revell’s poem of never-ending green, the “furnace … Continue reading

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