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The things which strike me and my family, day by day, as we deal with life without a husband and father whose life was cut short by pancreatic cancer.

Purple Chimes and Valentines

“Sweet as” was in the glossary I picked up from fellow travelers during my recent adventure. It’s a New Zealand term of assurance: all is well, “no worries” (a phrase that now hits my ear as  well-meaning  but oxymoronic, a double-negative … Continue reading

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The Dunes Abide

  A limitless tapestry of rich red-gold sand is dappled by hoof prints roughly the size and shape of swaddled footballs.  With each tread, a spray of pure gold rises, hovers, and enfolds itself back into dunes. My elaborately wound … Continue reading

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Spring Forward, Fall Back Down

  “Spring forward, fall back down…” I know, I know: it couldn’t be much more wintry in New England. It’s a balmy -6 degrees, enhanced by an order of magnitude for those who dally with windchill.  Boston had its highest … Continue reading

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Widow’s Walk

  Clapboard and brick homes from the 1700s and 1800s line the streets in my seaport town. Narrow roads radiate from the waterfront and climb uphill like the monture of a folding fan.  Atop its arc is a busy main … Continue reading

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