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The things which strike me and my family, day by day, as we deal with life without a husband and father whose life was cut short by pancreatic cancer.

Warp and Weft

Movers could have unfurled the enormous Persian rug in one of two ways. Once spread out, it fills more square feet than did our entire first apartment as newlywed grad students. A symmetrical design falls away in layers from a central … Continue reading

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Anniversary in Amber

  A date announced itself on this summer’s calendar, swooping in to mark what is known in our household as an anniversary “of significance.” Such milestones ordinarily are divisible by five, and are of extra note if divisible by ten. … Continue reading

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Forever Home

Originally posted on Love in the Spaces:
? ? ? “Tom Brady.”  Hand-printed on the SPCA’s yellow card. Male, tri-color   Age: 1 – 1  1/2 Why here?  Stray, found in Nottingham NH Responds to name: Yes House trained: semi …

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Liquid Courage

New England daffodils do not do well in storms. Rain seeps in and they seem to give up, becoming one with the the weight of it. Pale  yellows dissolve into cadaverous shades of early frostbite.  Tea-tinged white turns translucent and … Continue reading

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