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The things which strike me and my family, day by day, as we deal with life without a husband and father whose life was cut short by pancreatic cancer.

The Shadows Know

“Are they shadows that we see? And can shadows pleasure give? Pleasures only shadows be Cast by bodies we conceive And are made the things we deem In those figures which they seem.”  –Samuel Daniel A gathering Nor’easter announced itself … Continue reading

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When the Planet Shifts

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? Before we married, Jim promised me we would have five boys. Because I was very young, somewhat gullible, and only took college laboratory courses because I had to (notwithstanding my lack of…

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My Own Private Penguin

2016’s nine favorite stateside phone camera shots include nine geese-a-flying, six ports, four seasons (heavy on autumn), three states, two sunsets and sunrises, and one heart-shaped bivalve immobilized by the weight of burnished sand. At the center of my array … Continue reading

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Birthdays of the Dead

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? Earth-smoke and rue. Ashy gusts burst and thin and billow again, like those trick candles that can’t be blown out. Today is Jim’s birthday.  Our birthdays, in different years, fell only ten…

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