Black and White: Part 1


Although I’ve not yet finished my rambles in the rainbow garden, I’ve been invited by Allan at Ohm, Sweet Ohm to take a break and try my hand at black and white.

Black and white seems particularly apt for the season.  Formerly bountiful, colorful branches have been stripped bare to black.  Vistas first cushioned in soft snow white are suffused with bleak gray, sharpened by menacingly icy shards.

Gray almost always predominates when color is swept away–as it does here on a rock salt- mottled road that had steeped for nearly a season under detritus deposited by heroically-named blizzards.

The roads are so much more interesting now that they’ve eroded into colorless abstract art.

Orange Suns and Moons

Venus Transiting the Sun, Portland, Oregon
(c) June 2012 Joe Chipman

I’ve touched upon deep greens and blues, swaths of sepia, my proclivity toward seeing things in black and white, and some of the unintended side-effects of my fondness for bright red.

Today, thanks to a gift from one of my daughters, I am clad in the brightest of orange–an extremely high-visibility school color.

I have concluded it is nearly impossible to be dour for long while wearing neon orange.

My pal Dakota in hunter orange today

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