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Why I Hate “Bucket Lists”

    The term “bucket list” appears to have originated as a type of sorting algorithm in computer programming. Since an eponymous 2007 film, it has come to stand for a checklist of things to do before one dies. In any … Continue reading

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Changing Seasons: Summer to Spring Segue

My husband Jim’s diagnosis hit us along with summer’s pulverizing heat.  Coming out of the air-conditioned hospital to lean against a cement pillar and weep was like stepping through a portal onto the tarmac in San Cristobal. For me the … Continue reading

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Shifting Senses

During his intensive chemotherapy treatments, at least two of Jim’s senses changed. Some things did not smell as they always had to him.  I imagine it was similar to the way my brain idiosyncratically processed scents when I was pregnant: … Continue reading

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