Deep-Purple Greens

I Spy with my little eye something that casts light and shadows like magenta sun-rays. . . .

I wish I had taken a picture of the purple cauliflower.

Some images are as indelible in my mind as they would be had they been photographed and printed for me to look at daily, but I have to rely on words to describe them and  cannot otherwise convey those images to anyone else.

Sometimes the wonder of an image comes in its defiance of expectations, as it did with the  deep-purple cauliflower served every night during our last family trip with Jim.

I had never seen or even imagined greens (in their incarnation as a vegetable side dish)–or nearly anything else in nature–of such a pure, deep violet hue.   Purple cauliflower on the equator: that alone might have been enough of a wonder for me.

I Spy something that reminds me of Sideshow Bob. . . .

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