On the Move

Most of my inspiration strikes while I’m on the move, or looking at something else in motion.

I might be on a trek through the woods or an adventure–and occasionally a near-international incident–on the other side of the world.

I might hear a song on the radio while travelling–or while stalled in traffic–and be hurled into a Tralfamadorian tailspin, on the move through time and space.

The flash of a deer’s tail or a rabbit on the run might take me somewhere else entirely.


The Hint of a Spark

Wild Thing
(c) 2008 Jim Glennon

Maurice Sendak could not draw horses.

This proved to be a significant problem, for an editor had seen the hint of a spark in him, and had secured for him a contract to complete an illustrated book called “Where the Wild Horses Are.”

Sendak recalled his formidable editor’s “acid tones. She said, ‘Maurice, what can you draw?’ Okay. Cause she was investing in a full color picture book. That was an enormous thing back then.”

Sitting shiva for a family member and encountering an array of much older, distant and alarmingly disheveled relatives whose appearance and behavior was a wild curiosity to him and his sister inspired Sendak to write another book entirely. Continue reading “The Hint of a Spark”

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