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A Broken Link

I went back in time, through many dozens of posts, after being alerted that one of a post’s links no longer worked.  In repairing the link by finding another iteration of the same late-in-life Kurt Vonnegut interview, I could not … Continue reading

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Gathering Blue and Wisdom from Pooh

The nest on Jim’s twig wreath, just outside my window, is gathering more cornflower blue denizens.  The parents are on high alert: one frequently mans the nearby pathway against intrusion, while one sits on the nest and swoops violently upwards … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities: Coffee in Cambridge and a Cracked Knee in Philly

There is a vast difference between the narcissistic “That could have been me” and the empathetic “That could be us.”  It is not a mere matter of tense. In law school, rows of seats were tiered like an upside-down wedding … Continue reading

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Life Lessons From a Mayonnaise Jar

I don’t know how many commencements I’ve attended, but I remember what the speaker at my husband’s medical school graduation told the crowd of new interns.  He quoted the instructions on a mayonnaise jar: “Keep cool.  Do not freeze.” That’s … Continue reading

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